The compact HoloMonitor cell culture microscope facilitates label-free single-cell analysis on a population level. With this quantitative live cell imaging system, any cell research lab is equipped for long-term non-invasive analysis of their cell cultures within a standard incubator.
Without the need for any cellular labels or stains, HoloMonitor uses digital holographic microscopy to record cells in real-time. The result is real 3D images & videos and quantitative data on your cultures, all the way down to single-cell level – collected in a completely non-invasive way.

• Run automated live cell assays 24/7 directly inside your standard incubator
• Image your cells non-invasively – no labels or toxic stains needed
• Get real-time quantitative data on both single cells & cell populations
• Generate multiple results from one experiment setup using the re-analysis functionality
• Study at the same time cell proliferation, morphology, and movement behavior
• Save time with intuitive software & guided workflow developed by biologists

All HoloMonitor live cell assays are label-free avoiding both the physically damaging handling steps and toxic staining procedures inherent to Flow cytometry and Immunofluorescence microscopy (I.F.).
Label-free assays not only reduce the risk of unwanted toxicity. They also allow cell samples to be reused, as no reagents are added to the sample. Hence, they save time and money.
Also, recorded time-lapse images can at any time be reanalysed using any one of the HoloMonitor live cell assays. In that way, multiple results are obtained from the same cell culture and experiment — saving not least precious cells. HoloMonitor is designed for and by biologists to meet the demand of researchers to increase assay reproducibility, analysis efficiency and productivity in the cell lab.
The HoloMonitor software offers a variety of live cell assays – all having the same straight-forward assay setup and following you through automated image analysis, result presentation, and data export.

HoloMonitor Applications – as seen in 175+ peer-reviewed publications worldwide:
• Kinetic Cell Morphology (with data on 30+ parameters)
• In-depth Single Cell Tracking & Analysis
• Kinetic Cell Motility & Migration
• Wound Healing (Scratch assay) | Chemotaxis
• Kinetic Cell Proliferation
• Cell Growth | Cell Division | Cell Cycle
• Cell Differentiation
• Kinetic Drug Dose-Response
• Cytotoxicity | Cell Death
• Cell Counter
• Cell Quality Control (QC)


  • Introduction to HoloMonitor

  • Automatic Single Cell Tracking