The Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyser automates the trypan blue dye exclusion method and provides cell viability, cell density and cell count information in 90 seconds. As well as faster analysis, the new 24-way carousel and 96-deep well plate auto-sampling options allow for greatly increased flexibility of sample processing. Integrated Windows10 touchscreen PC and VHP decontamination allows for installation into GMP cleanrooms – mouse and keyboard free. Enhanced data security features pus 21-CFR-part11 capability
Features include:
• Automation of the standard trypan blue assay
• Fast and Hi-fidelity analysis modes (90s, 130s)
• Decreased sample volume (170uL Fast mode, 200uL Standard)
• 24 position sample carousel / 96-well sample plate
• % Viability
• Total cell concentration
• Total viable cell concentration
• Mean cell size
• Real time cellular images
• Bioprocess monitoring
• Validated reagents
• Front-loading reagent pack
• Integrated waste collection


  • Vi-CELL BLU Introduction