“When you don’t know what you want to do with your sample, how long you want to store it for or what downstream data you want to extract from it, you should always store your samples at the lowest temperature possible”.
Dr Ronny Baber, Head of the LIFE Biobank, Leipzig, Germany

If a sample is stored in boxes in a -80°C freezer, it is estimated that this sample may go through as many as 20 freeze thaw cycles before being analysed. The ASKION HS200 C-Line sample storage devices are the best solution for maintaining the integrity of your samples. The stable temperature storage of samples below -150°C reduces crystalisation effects. All 3 C-Line models have an intermediate cyro-compartment (-110°C) that sits between the access door and the main storage vessel. This allows researchers to work with their samples for up to 40 minutes without the samples dropping below the glass transition point of -130°C.

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