Why are you storing your samples at the temperature you are storing them at? Is it to fit a budget or for a biological reason? What is the point of making savings on sample storage if your sample is degraded or lost when it comes to analysis time?

The C-Line HS200 S is the entry level cryogenic storage Biobank from ASKION.  The unit tracks samples utilising ASKION C-Line Control software to monitor sample storage locations, storage duration and to access samples. The unit can be initially purchased as a standalone unit or pod and then multiple pods can be connected to make a larger integrated system as the Biobank grows. The unit can be accessed manually via gloves or in an automated manner for integration of multiple pods.

The S unit uses one rotary plate and can store up to 78,500 9mm/0.30ml Vials or 85,000 x 0.5ml straws (stored in goblets of 10). A full range of other vessel types and sizes can also be stored in the unit.



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