The CytoFLEX SRT expands the pedigree of the wildly successful CytoFLEX family of analysers by bringing those powerful features and ease of use to the cell sorting arena. This is truly a powerful cell sorter that novice users can operate with ease. It’s configurations range from 2 laser 5 channel to 4 laser 15 channels and it sorts in to 4 streams.

User friendly features include
• Fixed optical alignment: there is no requirement for adjustment of the optical system.

• There is a Plug and play nozzle assembly with replaceable nozzle.

• The system can perform system startup, QC and sort calibration to be ready to sort within 30 minutes. All sort settings can be defined automatically.

• Automated maintenance functions for daily and periodic cleaning operations: System Startup, System Shutdown, Daily Clean, Flow Cell Clean, Aseptic Clean, Long Term Shutdown, Backflush, Sheath Filter De-bubble, Flow Cell De-bubble.

• Seven different configurations are available allowing users to adapt the system to their application needs.

• When a clog occurs or droplets are not stable during sorting, the sorting will be paused or stopped automatically, and the waste catcher will be extended to protect the sorted sample. The system will also automatically de-bubble the flow cell if the stream is not stable during sorting to recover the sorting.

Please see our specifications and brochures below for further detail or contact for further information


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