The CytoFLEX LX system provides powerful sensitivity and resolution. With an expanded laser colour palette, it provides the flexibility to perform higher end applications such as panel design optimisation. It offers easily upgradeable detection capabilities with configurations ranging from 4 laser (16 parameter) to a 6 laser (23 parameter) models. 6 lasers can be housed in this cytometer from a choice of 7 options (Blue (488nm), Red (638nm), Violet (405nm), Yellow/Green (561nm), Infra-Red (808nm) with the option to choose from Near UV (375nm) or UV (355nm) as the 6th laser. In its top configuration, 21 colour parameters and 6 lasers are housed in a small benchtop footprint. The CytoFLEX LX exceeds the capabilities expected of its competitor top tier analysers, with outstanding performance and nanoparticle resolution. The researcher can buy a budget configuration initially and then upgrade the unit without the need for engineering intervention and with the assurance that all CytoFLEX  instruments have been fully tested in their maximum configurations.

• Easily Upgradable
• Provides 7.2 decades of tuneable dynamic range
• Superior sensitivity and resolution for excellent fluorescence and nanoparticle detection
• Compact and reliable design
• Easy to learn, easy to operate, easy to maintain
• Versatile Plug-n-play filters –bandpass-only light collection
• Stable optics that don’t require end users to align lasers
• Compatible with 12x75mm tubes, 1.5ml/2.0ml tubes, depp and shallow 96 well plates
• Using Violet Side scatter can provide detection for particles as small as <80nms
• Using the IR laser can extend usable optical range making it easier to design large palettes

View the CytoFLEX Application Flipbook here

2020 Beckman Coulter Flow Consumables Catalogue