Beckman Coulter supply CytExpert acquisition and analysis software will all CytoFLEX installations. If required, Beckman Coulter also offer an advanced analysis software package called Kaluza 2.0.


CytExpert software is a full feature and user friendly software package that controls the instrument, collects and analyses flow data. It was developed to allow novices or experienced users get to grips with the CytoFLEX’s operation quickly. With autonomous startup and QC sequences, CytExpert software couldn’t be simpler to use. Combined with the CytoFLEX’s APD technology, there is no need for voltage adjustment when acquiring or to run a compensation experiments everyday along with samples.

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Kaluza 2.0

Kaluza 2.0 -Advanced Analysis Software allows access to data analysis of large files resulting from complex colour analysis.

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2018/2019 Beckman Coulter Flow Consumables Catalogue