The SCIEX BioPhase 8800 is the newest capillary electrophoresis platform from the leaders in the technology. This high throughput system can perform all the applications of the industry standard PA 800 Plus system (CE-SDS, charge heterogeneity and glycan micro heterogeneity), but using an 8 capillary array to simultaneously analyse 8 samples at a time, and up to 96 samples in a run. This makes it ideal for analytical development whilst minimising the bridging required to quality control.

Features include:

  • Ready-to-use cartridges with direct comparability of results from the PA 800 Plus
  • Analysis kits with proven chemistries from the PA 800 Plus
  • Easy to use touch screen for minimal operator training
  • Up to 96 samples per run
  • Circulating liquid capillary temperature control helps to maintain assay reproducibility
  • Walkaway, high throughput operation
  • UV and LIF detection in the same sequence
  • Optimise and Lock down methods in Analytical Development for routine use in QA/QC

  • Sciex

    BioPhase 8800 Introduction