The Biomek 4000 is the ideal liquid handling robot for smaller labs and those new to automated liquid handling. The system offers powerful and intelligent liquid handling and caters for low to medium throughput workflows. The system is designed to adapt to a laboratories changing needs with its easy to use icon driven software. It aids operators in streamlining their workflows to improve productivity and accuracy in their research.

• Pipetting Range from • Up to 12 Deck Positions
• Small Footprint
• Interchangeable single and eight channel pipetting tools & Gripper tool

Biomek 4000, NXp & FXp Genomics Application Flipbook


  • Biomek 4000 Introduction

  • Biomek - It's personnel

  • Biometra TRobot Automated PCR machine integrated on a Biomek 4000

  • Biomek 4000 pippeting