The diagram illustrates the bolt on software architecture available to power the Biomek family of liquid handlers

Biomek software is the central hub that controls the liquid handlers, allows data-driven tasks and is used to run and create methods. It is included as standard with all installations.

Biomek Method Launcher simplifies the day to day control of Biomek software and is particularly useful in a multi-user environments. When used with the i-Series camera’s, this software can quickly identify to the operator that they have misplaced labware using its DeckOptix feature.

SILAS is a background module included as standard as part Biomek software that allows for device integrations. At this point, Beckman Coulter have integrated over 200 third party devices such as (microplate readers, washers, plate hotels etc.) so far using SILAS. It allows Biomek or SAMI software to control these units within their existing frameworks.

SAMI EX is an advanced scheduling software that allows the instrument schedule complicated methods. It is particularly useful when users wish to increase throughput on the deck of an existing method. SAMI will schedule the liquid handling tasks required so that the method remains uniform across multiple plates. It lets the user write the assay and then schedules all the tasks so all plates are treated equally. Robotic movement is implied in arrows between nodes in flow chart.

DART 2.0 (Data Acquisition and Reporting tool) is…
• A COLLECTOR that gathers system, run, labware, well, sample info automatically
• A REPOSITORY that accumulates and stores all of this data permanently
• A REPORTING TOOL that allows users to browse, query, and create report documents

SAMI Process Management – manages workflow of long tasks that can take days or weeks. It is particularly useful for cell-growth processes

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