Storm was designed as an add-on module for the Carousel 6 Plus and Tornado combination, creating a powerful ‘Parallel Process Reactor’ that heats, cools and mechanically stirs up to 6 flasks (50ml to 250ml), making it the ideal process optimisation and development tool.

Key Features

  • Multiple or single stirred reactor, with controlled heating/cooling from 5ml to 5 litres.
  • Thermofluid range of -85°C to +235°C; providing a solution temperature -65°C to +200°C.
  • 135mm ø top plate integrates with the Carousel 6 Plus, Tornado, Heat-On & other reaction blocks.
  • Ideal for temperature controlled, steady state reactions.
  • Unique internal design maximises heat transfer from the thermofluid, focusing the energy towards the top plate surface. This design also minimises temperature variation across the
  • contoured top plate.
  • The insulated outer case reduces heat loss and prevents contact with hot/cold thermofluid.
  • Optional two-piece, removable PTFE insulating plate provides increased energy efficiency, for improved heating and cooling; it also helps reduce ice formation on exposed surfaces at sub-
  • ambient temperatures.
  • Mechanical stirring provided by Tornado or suitable overhead stirrer.
  • M24 hose connections, suitable for all popular brands of circulator .