The SpectraMax® i3x combines a multimode microplate reader and an imaging system providing a total solution for all your research needs.
This future ready system has the flexibility to add novel detection capabilities without the need for engineers and downtime, with a wide array of user upgradeable application modules including western blot, imaging and fast kinetics with injectors it grows with you as your research expands.
Explore cellular pathways and protein activation and expression on one system using the MiniMax™300 Imaging Cytometer
Key Features –
• Expanded Dynamic range with ultra-cooled PMT
• Sensitivity across spectrum with Spectral Fusion™ Illumination
• Stain Free Cell Counting technology
• AlphaScreen
• Library of User configurable applications
• Cell confluence and cell viability imaging and quantitation of nucleic acids and proteins on a single reader
• Western blot capable with ScanLater Western Blot kit
• Meet regulatory guidelines in GMP/GLP labs with SoftMax®Pro GxP software