Biocrates manufacture targeted metabolomics kits for quantitative, reproducible, and high throughput analyses, on up to hundreds of metabolites, with high accuracy and reproducibility using LC-MS. This enables researchers to acquire comprehensive metabolic information more quickly, and more reliably. Kits available include:

  • AbsoluteIDQ® p180 Kit: The Fast Track to Metabolic Biomarker Signatures
    Identification and quantification of more than 180 metabolites from 5 different compound classes
  • AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR Kit: Jump Start into Targeted Metabolomics
    Analysis of up to 408 metabolites from 11 compound classes using High Resolution – Accurate Mass (HRAM) mass spectrometers.Biocrates® Bile Acids Kit: The Easiest Way to Assess Host-Microbiome Interactions
    Standardized analysis of bile acids from only 10 µL of either human plasma/serum (16 bile acids) or mouse plasma samples (19 bile acids).
  • AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit: Increased Confidence in Steroid Hormone Analysis
    Simultaneous identification and quantification of 17 steroid hormones (3 classes: sex steroids, mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids)
  • AbsoluteIDQ® Steroid Reagents: Steroid Analysis made quick and easy
    Customizable identification and quantification of up to 17 steroid hormones